Subscription to G-Share, Forever & Funcam

Your S/N

Renewal or activation of 12 months subscription, instantly to the latest generation of 3 original servers.

How to charge Gshare, Forever or Funcam server?

  1. Enter your Serial Number on checking field and select your server (Gshare, Forever or Funcam). You can find the S/N in menu>settings> about STB.

  2. Proceed to the order after checking your S/N.

  3. When the confirmation message appears with your new expiration dates, restart your device (reboot) to initiate synchronization with the server. The time is variable, from few seconds to an hour.

Note : Keep your software up to date. Trials do not exist for these types of servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users usually notice this when the message "Your service has expired. Contact your local dealer…" appears. Otherwise you can get your expiry dates by checking your S/N on this page.
There is many compatible devices like Geant Starsat Qviart Bware Iris Viark Pinacle Sat-Integral Tiger Digiquest Echolink... If you get "No record" while checking, that means your receiver isn't under Gshare and you have to check Forever or Funcam.
The Gshare service allow you to access exclusive content with your satellite receiver.
These 3 variants are same but assigned on different devices.